The Writers’ League is very helpful for aspiring writers who seek to hone craft and for published authors who intend to network and stay inspired.

Join WLT Today. 

The WLT is the largest literary arts organization in Texas, with year-round offerings for writers anywhere, whether you live in Texas or elsewhere in the United States or the world. If you’re wanting to hone your craft, or understand the publishing landscape today, or find your creative community (or all of the above!) – the WLT’s programs and services have something for you.

You hear a lot about the solitary life of a writer. With this group, you're never alone.

What’s more, by becoming a member you’re making it possible for the WLT to continue offering valuable support to writers, libraries, and schools – including hosting free writing workshops in rural communities across Texas and sending authors into public schools to inspire the next generation of writers. 

Being a member means finding a community, honing your craft, and having access to resources that will enrich your writing life.

WLT has given me courage.

Membership Levels and Benefits

  • WLT members receive discounts on all paid programming, a savings of $60 on every registration. This includes in-person and online classes, the annual Agents & Editors Conference, and the annual Summer Writing Retreat.
  • WLT members enjoy discounts at several independent bookstores in Texas.
  • WLT members can take advantage of monthly Open Office Hours, the chance to have a 30 minute consultation with our experienced staff to talk about any and all writerly questions or concerns.
  • WLT members are invited to promote and sign their books at the WLT’s booth during the Texas Book Festival every Fall and the San Antonio Book Festival every Spring.
  • WLT members are invited to submit news items for the bi-weekly newsletter.
  • WLT members have access to member meet-ups and write-ins, both virtual and in-person.

When I'm feeling great about what I'm writing, they're there to inspire me and cheer me on. When I'm in a rut and wondering what I've gotten myself into, they're there to support me and help me get back on track.