Online Writing Classes

Currently, the WLT offers online classes only. These virtual programs are, with some exceptions, all three hours in length and taught by a single instructor on a specific craft of writing or business of publishing topic. Our online classes are hosted on Zoom and are a unique experience each time depending on the teaching style of the instructor and what the topic calls for. They can include lectures, reading assignments prior to class, writing prompts during class, and both large and small group discussions, as appropriate. 

All of our instructors have precious teaching experience and consistently receive positive feedback from our registrants via class surveys. Your fellow participants will come from a range of writing experience, from beginners to people with MFA degrees and published books. WLT instructors, participants, and administrators all work together to create a welcoming, supportive environment. 

The full slate of classes is curated by our Program Director to include a wide array of genres, and a balance of classes that help writers hone their craft with classes aimed at demystifying the publishing process. 

There are no upcoming events at this time.